The ISOCOAT has a team of highly prepared and capable professionals who works to offer you the best solutions, like: Monitoring of Performance of our productions in their applications; Improvement and Optimization of Painting Projects with emphasis on loss reduction for even less costs in each m²; Technical training for operators, as well as solutions for difficulties with the painting process.

Powder Coating Application Process Control

After all the paint application’s steps since superficial pretreatment, painting and cure is very important the verification of the painting quality and we are able to do that with destructive or non-destructive quality tests. Panels’ are prepared to represent a normal situation in any work process to be submitted for the tests.

Examples of some kinds of tests:

• DSC Test
• Impact Test
• Adhesion Test
• Flexibility Test
• Film Thickness, this one is decisive to obtain a better paint efficiency (m²/Kg).

The Film Thickness is determined by some factors, like:

• The Film Thickness specification recommended for each application is provided by the Powder Coating Producer, which has the formulation for its specific use.
• Application System – Automatic or Manual
• Pieces Geometry
• Desired painting plan
• Application Quickness

Another tests:

• Salt Spray
• Weathering Test
• Gloss
• Hardness
• Scratch
• Erichsen Cupping Test



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