(Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety)

The ISOCOAT works with development, production and commercialization of Powder Coat and varnishes while POLIDROX produces and commercializes resins and correlated products. Both have the compromise in:

    • To attend the clients, employees and community requirements.

    • To attend the clients requisitions, to look for collaborators and necessities;

    • To comply with the current and applicable law related with the environmental aspects and the others legal requirements;

    • To work with responsibility using resources and preventing pollution;

    • To evidence our responsibility with regards to conscious use of the resources and in the pollution prevents and reduction;

    • Improve continuously the effectiveness from Integrated Management System;

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Filial: Avenida Rubem Bento Alves, n° 7626 - Bairro Cinquentenário - CEP: 95012-500 - Caxias do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil - Fone: (0xx54) 3029 - 1818 - (0xx54) 3029 - 0333


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